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“People like to say that the conflict is between good and evil. The real conflict is between truth and lies”

  • Jeremy Corbyn the modern day Harold Wilson or John Major?
    Jeremy Corbyn came to the Labour leadership contest as an outsider and was elected as a revolution, a rejection of Blairite centrism and a return to socialism. It was a choice to try to find and rally latent support on the left as a path to victory rather than ... read more
    Source: Political BettingPublished on 08-12-19
    2 hours ago
  • Leaked US docs on NHS – ‘Information not disinformation’
    With the news that Amazon has been given total data access to NHS data it can use to develop products to sell internationally to third parties companies, including US healthcare companies – without paying a single penny to the UK – is proof of intent. The government said this project ... read more
    Source: TruePublicaPublished on 08-12-19
    5 hours ago
  • Labour’s record in Wales doesn’t make me angry – just disappointed
    The party's record inside my country is matched by ignorance about it from Labour outside it, says Adam Price.  That killer phrase deployed by parent’s day-in, day-out – I’m not angry, just disappointed. That’s how I feel about Labour’s record in Wales. It’s not ... read more
    Source: New Statesman (UK)Published on 08-12-19
    5 hours ago
  • The NHS is opening up to US business – the reassurances are demonstrably false
    British officials dodged invitations to exclude the NHS from a US-UK trade deal. Not surprising, given how much public money already goes to the US healthcare industry. ... read more
    Source: openDemocracyPublished on 08-12-19
    5 hours ago
  • D is for Drones: How the West embraced unmanned aerial warfare
    The 2010s saw Western militaries shift towards mechanised warfare in the skies in its interventions against enemies such as Isis. Increasing mechanisation of war has been a prominent feature of the last decade as the West finds itself primarily fighting unconventional wars: mainly against non-state ... read more
    Source: New Statesman (UK)Published on 08-12-19
    6 hours ago
  • More proof NHS is up for sale as Amazon exploits NHS for free
    The Sunday Times  (paywall) reports this morning that Amazon has been handed the keys to a massive trove of NHS data it can use to develop products to sell internationally to third parties companies, including US healthcare companies – without paying a single penny to the UK.   What has ... read more
    Source: TruePublicaPublished on 08-12-19
    6 hours ago
  • Needed: a government which will bring privatised services and PFI deals back into public ownership
    As Paul Halas writes (Western Daily Press, 7 December 2019, p. 30): “Over the past few decades privatisations have included Royal Mail, British Gas, electricity, water and sewage treatment, the 999 calls service, much of the ambulance service, the NHS appointments service, British Steel, large parts of the education service, ... read more
    Source: Political ConcernPublished on 08-12-19
    7 hours ago
  • Denouncing attacks against Baghdad protesters, UN warns ‘violence risks placing Iraq on dangerous trajectory’
    The top UN official in Iraq has strongly condemned the shooting of unarmed protesters in Baghdad on Friday night, which left a high number of deaths and injuries among innocent citizens, calling for the perpetrators to be “identified and brought to justice without delay”.  ... read more
    Source: UN NewsPublished on 08-12-19
    15 hours ago
  • John Humphrys – NATO at 70: still alive (and kicking?)
    A visit to Britain by Donald Trump in the last lap of an election campaign is probably the last thing his friend, Boris Johnson, would want. Paradoxically, Jeremy Corbyn (no fan) will almost certainly relish it. Trump’s presence here will give publicity to Labour’s claim, strongly denied by the Tories, ... read more
    Source: YouGovPublished on 08-12-19
    16 hours ago
  • Sunday polls – as they are published
    The final Sunday before the election. There should be plenty of polls out tonight (certainly we should see ComRes, YouGov, Deltapoll and Opinion – and perhaps others). I will update this post as they appear, and then round up at the end. The first to appear is SavantaComRes. Slightly confusingly ... read more
    Source: UK Polling ReportPublished on 07-12-19
    21 hours ago
  • ‘We all must step up’ collective action on disability inclusion – UN deputy chief
    The international community has agreed truly ground-breaking frameworks to advance the rights of persons with disabilities, including in the context of development, but there remains a significant gap between these ambitions and the reality experienced daily by millions of persons with disabilities, UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed told a conference ... read more
    Source: UN NewsPublished on 07-12-19
    22 hours ago
  • The othering of Jeremy Corbyn
    By otheringI mean treating Corbyn (or more generally the Labour left) as beyond the pale in terms of conventional politics. Othering implies that because of his past or current beliefs, associations and actions Corbyn should not be even considered as fit to be an MP, let alone a Prime Minister. ... read more
    Source: Economics: Mainly MacroPublished on 07-12-19
    1 day ago
  • What do leaked Treasury documents tell us about checks on goods crossing the Irish Sea?
    At a press conference this morning the Labour party unveiled what appears to be a leaked document from the Treasury analysing trade across the Irish Sea post-Brexit. Asked about this at another press conference later in the day, Boris Johnson said there will be “no checks on goods going from ... read more
    Source: FullFact.org (UK)Published on 06-12-19
    2 days ago
  • The BBC Prime Ministerial Debate: fact checked
    On Friday night the final televised debate between Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson, the Labour and Conservative candidates to be the next prime minister, took place on the BBC. We fact checked some of the key claims and major topics from the debate. The debate was primarily a greatest hits ... read more
    Source: FullFact.org (UK)Published on 06-12-19
    2 days ago
  • What is proportional representation?
    Parties from across the political spectrum are lining up against our voting system and calling for proportional representation, but what does that term mean? There are lots of different ways to decide who gets to sit in parliament, some are more ‘proportional’ and some are less. A more ... read more
    Source: Electoral Reform SocietyPublished on 06-12-19
    2 days ago
  • Consumer confidence rises, powered by house prices
    Confidence ticks up 1.1 points in November, driven by belief in rising house prices  But two thirds expect recession/depression within a year and more than half think unemployment will rise Consumer confidence has ticked upwards by 1.1 points to 105.1 despite the uncertainty of an impending general election, ... read more
    Source: YouGovPublished on 06-12-19
    2 days ago
  • ‘Impact journalism’ and other tips from ARIJ 2019
    Last month, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists’ Marina Walker Guevara and Will Fitzgibbon joined 600 reporters in Amman, Jordan, for the year’s largest meeting of Arabic-speaking journalists. Every year, Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism assemble reporters from North Africa, the Middle East and beyond to learn, share new tools ... read more
    Source: International Consortium of Investigative JournalistsPublished on 06-12-19
    2 days ago
  • General election 2019: preview of London
    More than in any other region, the 2019 general election contest in the capital is likely to be shaped by the strength of popular support for remaining in the EU, and how that translates into votes for either Labour or the Liberal Democrats. London has been increasingly strong for Labour ... read more
    Source: Democratic Audit (UK)Published on 06-12-19
    2 days ago
  • Greenland ice melt feeds glacier instability
    In a runaway effect, the Greenland ice melt lets surface water gurgle down to the bedrock – and at unexpected speeds. The post Greenland ice melt feeds glacier instability appeared first on Climate News Network. ... read more
    Source: Climate News NetworkPublished on 06-12-19
    2 days ago