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“Staying away from the ‘tin-foil hat’ brigade and the false mouthpiece of the establishment”


First up – you won’t find Kim Kardashian, who’s got talent or how to buy a selfie stick here. NewsPublica aggregates independent and alternative news articles covering topics we all need to know about, whilst staying away from the ‘tin foil hat’ brigade and the false mouthpiece of the establishment, who are more often that not in the entertainment business, than they are about reporting the truth.

There is no intended political bias on this website. Part of the reason for being here is to ensure you are exposed to opposing views to increase your knowledge and understanding of what is rapidly becoming a really confusing world and not living in what is now termed as an ‘echo chamber.’ The aggregator posts political news from socialist, liberal and conservative outlets along with some of their harshest critics from the most well known and fearless bloggers and fact-checkers to support the truth. If you don’t want to hear a different view from your own – go back to your informational bubble.

NewsPublica also brings you other topics of interest, some just to lighten up your day or be informative, all of which is laid out in a single easy to read format, with a text snapshot of each story for you to scan articles quickly. The website aggregates the latest stories each time you visit.

NewsPublica.com brings you your truth stream

 Why do you need NewsPublica

Today, the mainstream media has a self-inflicted credibility problem, which is very real no matter how much they complain of ‘fake news’ and ‘click-baiters’ in an attempt to divert the real truth. The fact is, nearly 60% of people now get their news from search engines, not traditional human editors in the media.


In 2006, about 65 percent of the general public believed what they read in British newspapers in and in little more than ten years this high level of trust has crashed to little more than a quarter. In fact, trust in the four institutions of government, business, media and NGO’s has taken a dramatic dive in just the last three years alone.

According to the 2017 Edelman TRUST Barometer trust in the British media has fallen 4 places in just one year to seventh from bottom globally, behind countries such as Turkey, Poland and Russia, none of which are considered to have a free press.

The same has happened with businesses and even charities but as you’d expect, political figures rank the lowest in trust.

It is not good at all to think that just six people control about 80 percent of all printed media in Britain and an even smaller number controls nearly 90 percent of what is seen on the Internet. The same exists in the USA and across Europe.

True editorial independence simply doesn’t exist anymore in mainstream media. Interference from newspaper owners and political parties over broadcast services along with the pressures of corporate advertising revenues drives content, the truth does not. Allegations of government officials pressuring and even threatening editors and journalists are now rife in the industry. Indeed, Britain’s secret service MI5, is constantly accused of manipulating the press, whilst the political use of supposedly neutral sources results in a systemic bias that exists to completely distort the truth.

You can read “The Link Between Brexit And The US Election, MI6, Fake News And Dark Money” from associated website TruePublica.org.uk to get an idea of what is happening to the media, its manipulative effects and down-right skullduggery.


NewsPublica - your truth stream

NewsPublica.com – The Solution

However, today’s Internet has enabled a proliferation of alternative and independent news sites, blogs, vlogs and community news, providing consumers with an interesting variety of different perspectives.

In some cases, alternative media break the stories the mainstream media wouldn’t touch and social media more often than not beats them to it anyway.

A recent Pew Research report stated “Many experts fear uncivil and manipulative behaviours on the internet will persist – and may get worse. This will lead to a splintering of social media into AI-patrolled (artificial intelligence) and regulated ‘safe spaces’ separated from free-for-all zones. Some worry this will hurt the open exchange of ideas and compromise privacy.”

The truth is, the truth is simply getting harder to find with so much fake news and misinformation around.

Over the next few months we will build on topics and sources to increase your truth stream so bear with us as we develop the website. Suggestions of great bloggers or independent websites are more than welcome to help us provide more thought-provoking content to keep as many like-minded people well informed and ahead of the information wars we find ourselves in.

In the meantime, TruePublica.org.uk publishes news, analysis, commentary, reports, intelligence and research on events of public interest, particularly in respect of news events without propaganda, disinformation or fake news using long form journalism.

It is a non profit, privately managed organisation made up of contributing journalists, writers, authors and independent organisations designed to challenge the neoliberal thinking that is causing a wave of disruption as western countries move from one social and economic crisis to another, particularly in Britain and Europe.

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