Roundup – 13th Sept: What’s On NewsPublica

On the NewsPublica  ‘Political’ page there are currently some excellent news items of interest. For instance, there’s the betting odds for Donald Trump’s impeachment and even the odds for each reason. Off Guardian are running a story about how free speech groups are being attacked in the USA and across political party websites there are some interesting and different views on the lifting of pay caps in the UK.

On the “Global’ page, there is an article about another threat to British democracy and after the hurricanes that hit the USA, the massive handout being prepared for …. the corporate and financial elite. The UN warns yet again that the world is edging ever closer to ruin and wsws reports that the Israeli armed forces are conducting that largest military exercises on the Lebanese border in 20 years.

The health page has some great new research and stories such as water consumption and what it does, the five minute secret to remembering people’s names, the most appealing sexual behaviours, eating disorders and latest nutrition findings.

The ‘Motley’ page keeps you up to date with all sorts of interesting information, from the latest iPhone, movies, DIY to Gossip Cop the celebrity fact-checker, why you should visit Iceland, dog shaming stories and how to overcome bias.

Needless to say the female/male pages are full of fashion, tips, lifestyle and advice.

Surf the NewsPublica pages and enjoy – and don’t forget to come back tomorrow when another 500 stories are loaded!