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In 2006, about 65 percent of the general public believed what they read in British newspapers and in little more than ten years this high level of trust has crashed to just 24 percent. In fact, trust in the four institutions of government, business, media and NGO’s has taken a dramatic dive in just the last three years.

Trust in businesses fell from 46% to 33% and charities from 50% to 32% in just the period between 2015 and 2016 ending with the mass population rejection of establishment authority by mid 2017.  All this detail can be read in the 2017 Edelman TRUST Barometer.


True editorial independence simply doesn’t exist anymore. Interference from newspaper owners and politics over broadcast services along with the pressures of corporate advertising revenues drives content, the truth no longer does that. Allegations of government officials pressuring and even threatening editors and journalists are now rife in the industry. Indeed, Britain’s secret service MI5 is constantly accused of manipulating the press, whilst the political use of supposedly neutral sources results in a systemic bias that exists to completely distort the truth.

In terms of Britain’s media, the reality is that there are 5 billionaires who run our media, and they have huge power in our democracy forcing political parties to prioritise their wishes over the wishes of the British public. These 5 people not only own 80% of the newspapers we read every day, they also own TV stations, press agencies, book companies, cinemas and the like – so everything we think or speak about in Britain is almost entirely influenced by these 5 individuals.

The men in control are : Rupert Murdoch, Jonathon Harmsworth, Richard Desmond and the Barclay’s Twins. None of these people live in Britain. And we have just five Internet Service Providers in Britain who get to control what nearly 90% of people get to see on their devices.

Then in December last year the Guardian/Observer uncovered another search manipulation scandal: “Search and autocomplete algorithms prioritise sites with rightwing bias, and far-right groups trick it to boost propaganda and misinformation in search rankings.” Here Google is accused of “systematically promoting information that is either false or slanted with an extreme rightwing bias on subjects as varied as climate change and homosexuality.”

However, today’s Internet has also enabled a proliferation of alternative and independent news sites, such as blogs and community news, providing consumers with an interesting variety of different perspectives.

In some cases, alternative media breaks the stories the mainstream media wouldn’t touch and social media beats them to it anyway.

Over the next few months we will build on topics and sources so bear with us as we develop the website. Suggestions are more than welcome to help us provide thought-provoking material to keep you well informed and ahead of everyone else.

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